Door Frames Installations

Choosing and installing a door frame on your own is no easy task. You might know what you like aesthetically, but unless you’re a general contractor or carpenter you probably won’t know the differences between two different door frames. Visit the professionals at DMA Commercial Doors for the best door frame installers in Los Angeles, CA.

Our team can install a door frame of any type in almost any location! Whether it’s wood framing, hollow metal, or simple aluminum, our team are experts in door frame installation. Our team is capable of completing door frame installation in both residential and commercial areas, as well as interior and exterior doors.

Installing a door frame on your own can be a difficult task. If you’re using a wood frame and you misalign the strike plate or hinges there’s a chance the frame could be unsalvageable. Even worse, you could complete the installation process only to notice that the door binds or swings open the wrong way. There’s no worse feeling than completing an arduous process such as door installation only to realize that you have to start all over. Let the skilled door installation technicians at DMA Commercial Doors help you with door installation projects!

At DMA Commercial Doors, our installation technicians are experts in the field. Most people break a sweat when they’re faced with measuring tapes, levels, and nail guns. We’ll set your door frame right the first time!

Make your next door frame installation project a success with the skilled door frame installers at DMA Commercial Doors.

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